Browns Fans Still The Best

There’s not much to hang our hats on in Browns Town these days but I will say this. So far this season I was lucky enough to be at three games; both Browns games and the Oakland-San Diego thriller and I am proud to say that our fans have yet to be matched. It’s obvious that we are emotionally attached and it shows. This is nothing new; last year ESPN ranked Browns fans third behind the hated Steelers and the Packers.

Another thing I noticed is that fans mirror the organizations they root for. In Cleveland you get the irrational hope and bottomless, hurtful disappointment; in Oakland you have pure delusion. I wore my Browns jersey to the Raiders game just to get comments, and they did not let up all night. A few were derisive but most were of sincere pity.

Imagine fans of a team that has Al Davis as a owner and that just made a trade that would have made Ted Stepien proud truly feels bad for us. They act as if they are a trust fund baby whose senile father is defecating all over their maserati; they’re just waiting for him to kick and then the glory of Raider Nation will inevitably be restored. The Browns, they feel, are just, well, defecating all over their Chrysler Sebring.

Denver was little harder to read. My seat mates were Orson Hodge II and some forty year old cougar who wore a Elway jersey that said XXXXL on it(no I don’t think that was a Super Bowl reference). They seemed ambivalent to the Broncos and the game in general except when Big Elway had her fifth chili dog and then had beer come through her nose while she was trying to wash it down, but overall the fans where decent, think Progressive field in the middle of the season when the Tribe is eight games out but just took three straight from the Yankees(just pretend it happened).

Bottom line, whether it’s masochism or fanaticism Browns fans put out. And I’m proud of that.

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