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Every storm season brings at least a few hailstorms. Hailstorms drop balls of ice of varying sizes, which can do quite a bit of damage to your home. The largest hail stone on record was nearly 6?. If your home was hit with pieces of hail like this there would certainly be damage, but you should know that even much smaller pieces of hail can do significant damage to your roofing and siding because of the velocity at which it is falling.

Hail damage is not always easy to detect, especially if you have a two or three story home and cannot easily access your roof. Hail damage can leave your home exposed to potential water damage as well as limiting the lifespan of your roof. Because of this you should identify and deal with damage as soon as you can. If you wait too long you may also be denied by your insurance company when you finally get around to filing a claim for the repairs. Have there recently been any hail storms in your area? Do you suspect your home may have been damaged? The following steps will help you determine if there was any damage and outline the steps to getting it repaired.

Step 1: Look for visible damage on the exterior of your home. Walk around your home and check the siding for dents or freshly damaged paint. If you can safely get a look at your roof, inspect the shingles for blisters or dents, or missing shingles. Don’t forget to inspect your gutters and downspouts for dings and dents.

Step 2: Look for visible damage inside your home. Are there new water stains on your ceiling or running down your walls? If so, you should have this damage addressed immediately before it gets any worse! If roof leaks are left un-repaired you may end up having to completely replace your roof, in addition to making costly repairs to interior of your home.

Step 3: Call your insurance agent and let them know about the damage, or even if you only suspect damage. They will likely send an adjuster to your home to take a look around. The adjuster will perform an inspection, prepare a cost estimate for the damage and help compile the paperwork for your claim.

Step 4: Call a roofing contractor you can trust to get another estimate for the repair work. Most insurance adjusters are trustworthy, however it is still a good idea to get a second opinion from a contractor who is not biased. Most roofing contractors will give you a free estimate. The roofing contractor that you hire should be willing to communicate with the insurance company to arrive at an appropriate and fair resolution.

Step 5: Make sure you get everything in writing! Your insurance company should provide you with written information regarding your claim and what will be covered. Your St. Paul roofing contractor should also provide you with a written contract outlining in detail the work to be done and what it will cost. Hailstorms can do an incredible amount of damage to your roof in a short amount of time. Once the storm passes, don’t waste any time in assessing any damage the storm may have done.

If you suspect damage, contact your insurance company, and your St. Paul roofing contractor to get their assessment. The longer you delay the more it could cost you!

Don’t let your house fall into disrepair. It is not cheap to maintain a house but the loss in capital value can be massive if you let it get run down. Not only is the value reduced the salability drops as well. Hundreds spent today become thousands of dollars increased capital value tomorrow with a house. There are some essential aspects to the renovation of a house that need to be looked into to make sure that everything turns out as expected. The first thing you should decide on is the parts of the house that you want refurbished or altered.

For instance, a growing family needs extra living space, so the house may have to be extended for the reason, or a vacant space may have to be utilized for making a car garage. chimneys can make a sticky and crammed kitchen neat, airy and more roomy. Along with the remodeling of the building, you can also carry out repair and replacement of some old, outdated electrical items, and kitchenware to give your house a comprehensively fresh look. An intelligently planned renovation will make your home an enjoyable place to live in.

People very often also want to renovate their house to be able to attract potential buyers. When the purpose of uncommon. But if the rise in the eventual price that the property draws in the market is lower than the money spent on renovating it, then the landlord might have to repent for his extravagance later on. It is hence always advisable to call in experts who can rightly advise you in your investment decisions regarding renovation and interior design of your house. precede any renovation activity as you would want to make sure that you are distributing your funds appropriately to different parts of the house.

The budget has to be finalized with some extra amount included in it that might come in handy in case expense surpasses your previous cost calculation, which is quite often the case. You can also choose to avail home renovation loans that come to the aid for people who might be incapable of meeting the entire expenses. Many renovation loan schemes with provisions for simple repayment are available for potential loan seekers. Renovation and interior design can radically alter your house and make it suitable for good living, while also enhancing its worth in the property market. Thus you should always consider this choice if your home is more than 7-8 years old.

bignoldpaintersHow do you know if you are working with a good painting company? In truth, no one can really say that their painting company is the best there is. Everyone could try to convince potential clients that they are good at what they do, but on the ones that can be trusted will be able to prove it.

When it comes to house painters Calgary it is a must that you carefully consider the painting company you hire. You simply could not settle for just any company. You have to make sure that the company your hire will be able to provide you with the services that you need when you need them without any delay. Now before you worry too much about how you can choose the right one, here are some ideas on what a good Calgary painter should be:

  • A good painter should be open to listen to your ideas. If he does not give time to stop talking and to simply listen to your concerns, he might not be the painter that you want to end up working with. When they listen, they know how to communicate and that is the most important aspect that a painter could share with his client. His ability to communicate his ideas and turn your ideas into workable ones will be a good first step to having that wonderful client-painter relationship.


  • A good painter is one that does not only have years of experience to offer, but a license that will prove he is good. The license will reassure you that he has got proper training and all the basic skills needed to get the job done. The years of experience however will provide you with the assurance that he knows what he is doing.


  • A good painter should also be insured. Because it can be tough doing painting jobs and accidents can always happen, a painter protected by insurance also means that he means you well. You don’t have to worry about additional costs that may be needed in case of accidents in the work place. With proper insurance coverage, a painter can take care of himself and get the job done perfectly.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to hiring the best painter in Calgary. You have got to remember what you are looking for and these qualifications will be your guide to finding the right one.