Mike Holmgren? In Cleveland?

Well, the rumors are swirling that former Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay packers head coach Mike “Big Show”Holmgren is being wined and dined in the city that rocks by Randy “Randy Baby” Lerner for the position of “Football Pimp”.

Toni Grossi claims he left Berea today without a deal. He knows this because no announcement has been made as of yet.

He did not know however whether the former Super Bowl Champion was on his way to the airport or downtown to sample Cleveland’s awesome night life (Too bad the casino’s aren’t up yet. Are you telling me this guy doesn’t look the Blackjack-all-night-hit-free-buffet-three-times-to-make-back-my-money kind a guy?).

Holmgren would instantly give the Browns credibility and much needed direction. Not to say that the current squad hasn’t shown progress of late, but Holmgrens been involved in football for more years than Mangini has been alive. (By the way, my current favorite nickname for Mangini? Linguini.)

Not to say there aren’t question marks, like the fact that Holmgren had his General Manager responsibilities taken away from him by the Seahawks, not that he would be G.M. here, just that he definetly will have a strong say organizationally. Let’s hope the reason he floundered in that role was that he already had a twenty-hour-a-day job, namely being head coach and all.

Also, what of Mangini? Sources say he’s going to get canned, victory over a flat Steelers team that quit notwithstanding. Hey, I’m one of Mangini’s biggest critics and even I admit to seeing progress over the last month.

But let’s not get carried away here. They came back against a Chargers team that was cruising in prevent mode and beat a Pittsburgh team that was already beaten by K.C. and Oakland.

Plus, you can’t forget that the roster is pretty bare, resulting in a lot of players who wouldn’t get a lick of playing time on any other roster seeing significant snaps. They know there is a new sheriff coming to town and they are auditioning for next year already. Naturally they are going to bust tail.

Bottom line, things continue to be interesting in Cleveland. Look for it to become more so as the offseason approaches.

And thank God Holmgren is no Bill Parcells. He would never be in Cleveland just to drive up the price for Seattle, right?

So what do you think Browns fans? Is this our man? Finally?

Stay tuned.

“Information” (if you could call it that) from the Cleveland Plain Dealer was used in this “report”.

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