Report: Browns RB “Really Sucks”

JAMAL LEWIS SUCKS. There I said it. Why is everyone so afraid to say it? Please tell me that Browns nation isn’t so naive to think that just because the Browns have a good record when he gets twenty or more carries it doesn’t mean he’s a legitimate starting RB in this league. How many starting running backs wouldn’t you rather have on the Browns instead of Lewis? Cedric Benson? Julius Jones? Maybe? I mean please, the only reason they were able to win those games is because the Browns were up big and they tried to “eat some clock” with Jamal Lewis basically taking knee after knee and then it still almost killed them.

It seems Brown’s fans have forgotten Romeo’s default game plan; hand the ball off to Jamal on first and second down and then try to convert on third and long. Doesn’t everyone remember screaming bloody hell at the TV after Jamal went down on the first hit after another two yard gain? After we were down, oh say two touchdowns Romeo would realize something was amiss and put in Wright or Harrison to make it respectable. Am I the only one who remembers this?

A word of warning; when by some miracle the offensive line opens a whole the size of Queen Latifah’s backside and Jamal A)Identifies the hole and B) slowly moseys his way for eight yards and a first down, JUST SAY NO. Say no to the guy next to you at the bar who says, “That Jamal Lewis guy still has it. Did you know he had back-to-back thousand yard seasons? He’s the lone bright spot on the Browns” don’t listen to him or shake your head politely and buy him another beer. Either launch into a profanity laced tirade against Jamal Lewis or take your beer and move. Reuban Droughns, another great Browns RB (washed up from a different team) was just as good here, and he couldn’t crack the rotation with the Giants. So why do James Davis and Jerome Harrison have to play spectacular to take away carries from him? Mediocre should suffice.

So that’s my rage. The ball is in your court Mangini. Do you want to impress Brown’s fans and do right by Jamal Lewis(i.e. bench him) and emerge from Belichik’s I-do-everything-please-hire-my-assistants-who-I-choose-for-their-abilities-to-spy-on-other-teams- shadow? Or are you just another Belichik disciple who thinks he’s smarter than he is? CUT JAMAL LEWIS. GO BROWNS.

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